Lava Chalk - 2 Piece Box

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  • Lava Chalk - Both
  • Lava Chalk - Rust
  • Lava Chalk - Blue
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Lava Chalk's key ingredient is volcanic basaltic magma. Once the magma chills into a rock called scoria, it is crushed and pulverized by Lava Chalk and crafted into the little cube you see today. Manufactured with no dyes or chemical, the unique rust color of Lava Chalk comes from the iron in rock it is crafted from. This means the chalk is safe for you and your cue tips! Using Lava Chalk will maximize the friction of your cue's tip and will offer you an extreme amount of cue ball control. Now available in Blue!

  • 2-Piece Chalk Box
  • Specially Formulated for Increased Friction
  • Crafted from Basaltic Magma


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