Instroke Cases: Protect your game!


You wouldn't carry little to no homeowner's insurance and just trust to chance that your home would never suffer any storm damage or never burn down, would you? And you wouldn't refuse to insure your brand-new car because you had high hopes that you'd never have an accident. So why would you fail to use possibly the best insurance available for your favorite game-critical cues and accessories?

You wouldn't, of course. So let's take a look at Instroke cases.

Origins of Instroke Cases

Back in the day, when the pros played primarily 14.1 straight pool, 9-ball, and one pocket, serious players usually carried just one cue and occasionally a spare shaft. Then in the late 1970s and early 80s, it became the trend (one encouraged by manufacturers) to use a break cue for 9-ball. So players felt the need to pack two cues and a spare shaft. For this, they needed larger cases – and manufacturers were glad to oblige.

So in the very early 1990s, the very first Instroke cases were designed. But then jump cues with 12-inch handles came on the scene. Pockets on the early Instroke cases were made longer and extra compartments added on the side to accommodate these – all considered standard features now.

Today, Instroke offers cases with various sizes and shapes of pockets, as well as compartments to hold all kinds of accessories and specialty items. They even have custom leather options for maximum protection coupled with eye-catching style.

Instroke Construction

Instroke's goal is to "build the finest cue case in the world." And many people think they have achieved that goal.

The protective heart of Instroke cases is the unbreakable, oversized PVC tubing used to hold shafts and butts. These individually sealed tubes are lined with form-fitting, shock-absorbent foam padding covered with a non-abrasive, moisture-resistant fabric. The result is a case that not only protects your cues and accessories, but also provides slow acclimatization for changes in temperature and altitude and critical moisture protection.

And there are even more features and options:

Cue storage in either direction (butts and shafts up or down)

Ability to accommodate 62-inch cues

Top-grain, oil-tanned leathers

Diamond latches

Reinforced stress points

Large, easy-access pockets

Easy-access jump-handle pouches

Many styles with hand-selected, exotic leathers

Full range of prices and styles

Simply put, Instroke cases may be the best case value around because they out-perform and outlast – often by years – those of competitors. The many copy-cat designs out there should be a dead give-away.

The FCI Billiards Instroke Advantage

FCI Billiards is the main importer of Instroke cases. This means that we have the largest selection you will find. We also carry cases and offer options that other dealers simply don't.

Not convinced yet that Instroke cases may be the best insurance policy for your cues? We've had reports of these cases being inadvertently run over by cars. And while the case sustained some inevitable damage, the contents came through unscathed and undamaged. To discover more about our Instroke case options, just give us a call at (800) 666-9190 or fill out the easy online form.

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