Predator REVO Shaft Collection

Predator REVO Shaft Collection

Predator REVO Pool Cue Shafts

Predator REVO Shaft

Raise the level of your game with a Predator REVO shaft. More than 20 years of design and testing have gone into the REVO shaft, and you'll notice the difference. The carbon fiber composite construction is lightweight and smooth. The quality and attention to detail is consistent with what you've come to expect from a Predator shaft. REVO low-deflection shafts are among the most accurate shafts you'll find. They come in two sizes — 12.4 mm and 12.9 mm — and feature light front end mass, low taper and durable construction. What does this mean for the player? The REVO shaft is accurate at both low and high speeds, featuring a smooth, comfortable finish, powerful spin, and durability and strength that is second to none.

Advantages of the carbon fiber Predator REVO Shaft over traditional shafts:

  • More consistency
  • Better accuracy
  • Improved comfort
  • Increased longevity
  • Won't warp and is more resistant to typical wear and tear

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