The Best Pool Cue Brands

Best Pool Cue Brands
What are the best pool cues? It's a question we get asked frequently. People can spend a lot of time looking for the best brand. Pool cues are very personal pieces of equipment — finding the right pool cue for your game can be as much about look as it is about feel. In this article, we'll go over some of the best pool cue brands around. Learn more about today's leading pool cue manufacturers and what makes them the best in the industry.
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1. Predator Pool Cues

Innovation and aggression come to mind when we think about Predator cues. They made a name for themselves as one of the best pool cue brands by leaning into new technologies and ways of constructing pool cues.

Founded in 1980 by Tom Karabatsos, Predator quickly became a top pool cue brand due to their high-quality construction using advanced materials and production techniques. Their initial innovation was the low-deflection shaft, and today they're world-renowned for their carbon fiber designs and deft pool cue balance.

Best Brands Of Pool Cues

2. McDermott Pool Cues

No list covering the best brands of pool cues would be complete without McDermott. Adored by amateur players and professionals alike, McDermott pool cues have been a fixture in the industry since the late 1970s.

McDermott cues stand out from the crowd by distinguishing themselves with unique designs and colors. Using innovative materials like birdseye maple, Irish linen wraps and graphite shafts, McDermott is considered a premier manufacturer of some of the best pool cues on the market today. Made in Menomonee Falls in Wisconsin, McDermott is a U.S.-based manufacturer and one of the top pool cue brands in the world.

3. Jacoby Custom Pool Cues

Founded by the King of Custom, Jacoby pool cues come from humble beginnings. Dave Jacoby began as a master craftsman producing products for other pool cue brands. Starting in 1968, he made limited quantities of high-end custom cues for top professionals and collectors. Using exotic woods and intricate inlays, Jacoby created stunningly beautiful and high-performing cues.

Today, they have become synonymous with quality. As one of the best brands of pool cues around, Jacoby has influenced how pool cues are designed and constructed. They are also partially responsible for the popularity of billiards as a global game, sponsoring many high-profile events and professional tournaments. Easily one of the best pool cue brands around.

4. Cuetec Pool Cues

When you think about Cuetec, you think about precision. Even the name has an air of cutting edge to it. Starting in 1991, Cuetec pool cues made their mark with the introduction of "Cuetec Graphite," a composite material that was strong, lightweight and more durable than traditional wood cues. Cuetec as a pool cue brand quickly gained a reputation for its unmatched quality and performance.

Since then, Cuetec has continued its ascent and joined the best pool cue brands on the market. A popular choice for players of all skill levels, a Cuetec pool cue is a long-lasting solution for the burgeoning billiard player that will retain its quality for years to come.

5. Viking Pool Cues

Rounding out our list of the best brands of pool cues is Viking. From the mead halls of Valhalla straight to your doorstep, Viking pool cues have served the billiards community for over 50 years. Their rise in popularity is due to the high quality of their work and their innovative approach. With the introduction of the Viking Quick Release joint, they officially arrived as one of the top pool cue brands in the world.

Viking's commitment to quality shows up in the balance and craftsmanship of every cue they produce. Like all of the best pool cue brands, Viking has earned its reputation through consistent performance and innovation.

Some Other Top Pool Cue Brands

There are a lot of great pool cue brands that didn't make our top-five list. While we didn't spend much time writing about them, we wanted to include them in our honorable mentions for the best pool cue brands around. These pool cue manufacturers provide superior accuracy, consistency and stability with traditional and modern stylings.

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