How to Choose the Best Break Cues

Best Break Cues
Knowing how to choose a break cue that fits you best can give you an edge at the table. Sharks and hustlers around the table use the best break cues that maximize how they want to play by controlling the opening of a game. In this article, we'll discuss how to choose a break cue and give you a few recommendations on the best pool break cue sticks available today.
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What Makes a Pool Break Cue Different

Unlike traditional pool cues, break cue sticks are specifically designed to transfer as much energy as possible into the cue ball when struck. Pool break cues tended to be heavier than your playing cue to provide more force and energy transfer during a break. This isn't always true however, some players prefer a lighter break cue stick, because lighter cue sticks equal a faster swing. For beginners, it may generally be a good idea to let the mass of the pool break cue do the work for you while you work on refining your accuracy and control.

A pool break stick is also generally more stout than a normal cue stick, allowing for more control over a shot at the expense of range. Here's a full list of the more common features of a break cue stick compared to a regular pool cue:

  • Thicker Shaft
  • Shorter Ferrule
  • Stickier Wrap Type
  • Harder Tip

The harder tip is a crucial component. While traditional pool cue sticks use layered leather tips that have a small amount of energy absorption during a shot. These tips allow for more control, additional spin and more English to be applied on any given shot.

By contrast, break cue sticks use tips made from phenolic resin or other hard materials such as fiberglass. These tips maximize energy transfer at the expense of finesse and are far more durable than layered leather tips.

How To Choose A Break Cue

Recommendations for the Best Break Pool Cues

Sifting through break cue reviews can be tricky. Most players just want to know the pros and cons of each pool break stick so they can make the most informed decision for themselves.

So that's what we'll do. Here's some of our recommendations for the best break pool cues available today for different skill levels and profiles.

For the Pro Level Player: Predator BK2 Sport Wrap Pool Break Cue

We're starting things off with the Predator BK2, one of the most versatile and dynamic break cue sticks on the market. Its sleek wood design, optional weight, tacky sport grip and revolutionary tip technology make the BK2 the first (and potentially last) pool break stick you will ever need. Combine that with its limited run status and the BK2 is not only a professional-grade break cue stick — it's a collector's piece as well.

For the Not-So-Beginner Player: Bunjee Break Cue Sticks

We like to think of beginners as people who are brand new to the game or who have only played a handful of games over a few years. The not-so-beginner is the next step up: Someone who has been playing the game consistently for a few months and is starting to investigate getting their own pool break cues to improve their game.

That's where we recommend Bunjee break cue sticks. As an affordable entry-level option, Bunjee has a few different variants to choose from that will help you personalize your own pool cue bag with one of the best break cues for the price.

Pure Power Option: Jacoby Heavy Hitter Pool Break Cue

Now we're getting serious. Jacoby is one of the premier names in pool cue design and technology. The Jacoby Heavy Hitter is one of the best midline pool break cues in the world. With available size options from 22 oz. all the way up to 25 oz., the Heavy Hitter lives up to its namesake with mass that is then converted into force during your break.

Our Personal Pick: McDermott Sledgehammer SH1 Break Cue Stick

The McDermott Sledgehammer is one of the premier dedicated pool break cues. Available from 18 to 21 oz., the Sledgehammer utilizes McDermott's patented ferrule technology for optimal energy transfer. With a hard rock maple forearm and sleeve, textured sport wrap and phenolic cue tip, the Sledgehammer is an absolute beast at breaking and can take your game to a whole new level.

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