How to Clean a Pool Table: Tips and Tricks for Pool Table Maintenance & Cleaning

How To Clean A Pool Table
Whether you're an amateur, professional or somewhere in between, knowing how to clean a pool table is very important. We'll discuss everything you need to know regarding pool table maintenance, including how to clean chalk off pool table felt. Read on to learn the best things you can do when you're cleaning a pool table.
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Getting Started With Some Basic Pool Table Maintenance Do's and Don'ts

Before we talk about cleaning a pool table, let's go over some simple pool table maintenance do's and don'ts that will go a long way in keeping your table fresh and looking like new.

Use a Pool Table Cover When Not in Use

A pool table cover prevents dust, dirt and other contaminants from spilling onto your table when you are not actively playing. Your pool felt is susceptible to stains while the edges of your pool table frame could use protection from scuffing and other common household traffic hazards.

Do Not Use Ammonia and Other Harsh Cleansers

Aside from the fact that ammonia and other harsh chemicals can stain your pool felt, stringent cleansers can strip the enamel from your wood table or cause discoloration on your surfaces. Avoid using these at all costs during a pool table cleaning.

Place Your Billiard Table in a Warm, Dry Environment

A beautiful wood billiard table can be ruined by moisture. It sets into the wood and causes it to blister and warp. Keep your table inside and away from damp environments to keep the wood in pristine condition.

Do Not Place Liquid Cleaners on Your Felt Tabletop

The fastest way to ruin your pool felt is to try and clean it with some kind of liquid soap or detergent. Aside from color fade, your felt could become spotty and discolored. Water and soap reacting with the pool chalk and dust buildup on your pool table is also not ideal. Avoid using liquids that are not specifically designed to clean your pool table felt.

How to Clean Your Pool Table Frame

Cleaning a pool table starts with your pool table frame. The outer frame or cabinet of your pool table is what holds the slate and is generally made of hardwood, veneer or laminate.

First, you will want to wipe down your wood surfaces with a dry soft cloth. Make note of any scuffs or scrapes that have occurred. Then, you can use a scratch remover to get rid of any problem spots that have developed. Next, you'll want to use a non-corrosive cleaner or wood polish to keep that shine.

For metal or brass fittings, you can use a cloth that is damp with a cleaning solution of mild soap and vinegar. Leather pockets can be cleaned with a similar solution.

How to Clean Pool Table Felt

Pool table maintenance doesn't stop with the base. Knowing how to clean pool table felt correctly is next. There are two primary ways to clean your pool table cloth: Brushing and vacuuming.

How to Brush a Pool Table

Get a brush specifically made for a pool table. It will usually be made of horse hair or very soft synthetic materials. Start from one edge of the cloth and work laterally to the other side. Only brush in one direction so you do not disturb the felt too much. Brush any debris into the pockets. Repeat this process until you have brushed the entire surface.

Once that is complete, you will want to use a small hand vacuum or dustbuster and vacuum up all the particulates you have gathered. Take care that you do not damage the felt, so do not use vacuum cleaner attachments with hard bristles and do not use powerful vacuums with a lot of suction.

How to Vacuum a Pool Table

A lot of people ask, "Can you vacuum a pool table?" The answer is yes, you can; you just need to be smart about it. Use a small hand vacuum and slowly pass over the felt in straight lines. Lower power settings will keep the cloth from stretching. If you brush prior to vacuuming, then the chalk will be loosened and much easier to pick up.

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