Special and Limited Editions

Special and Limited Editions

Predator Willie 526 Special Editions

Predator Willie 526 Limited Edition Cues

The number 526 is forever enshrined in billiards lore, but 526 represents far more than Mosconi’s high-run in 1954, it embodies a commitment to the elevation of the game. Now, some 63 years after that marvelous run, Predator introduces Willie – 526. A series designed in homage to the Titleist cues wielded by Willie and the greats of a bygone era. Each cue comes paired with your choice of our world renowned 314-3 or Z-3 low-deflection shafts.

Predator Maestro Special Editions by K. Miki

Introducing the latest Maestro Special Editions by K. Miki. Richly constructed with exotic woods, Paua shell and turquoise, each of these 100 hand-crafted and signed cues pays tribute to the artisan roots of today’s custom cue composers. Featuring Predator’s patented technology, including the Uni-Loc® RadialTM pin, tune-able weight cartridge system, and world renowned 314-3 and Z-3 low-deflection shafts – each Maestro cue stands ready to propel your game to a standing ovation.

Predator Panthera 3 Cues

True to their lineage, Panthera 3 cues draw their inspiration from the vibrant and fierce predatory cats that have long lived as apex Predators. Only 100 of each individually signed and numbered Panthera 3 will be unleashed, making them an extraordinary sight to behold