​Predator's Limited Edition Willie 526 Series

Your Chance to Share in the Glory and Legacy of the Past Greats

1954. Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio, Elvis Presley's first single ("That's All Right") was released by Sun Records, and the first issue of Sports Illustrated was published. Also, the first US nuclear-powered submarine was launched, a hydrogen bomb test was conducted on Bikini Atoll, the Boeing 707 was released, and Hurricane Hazel made US landfall, becoming the only recorded Cat 4 hurricane to hit as far north as North Carolina. And Willie Mosconi set a record that still stands today.

The Record

During a straight pool exhibition in Springfield, Ohio, held on March 19 and 20, 1954, at the East High Billiard Club, Mosconi set a world record by running 526 consecutive balls. This feat, which has still not been bested, was accomplished on a 4' X 8' Brunswick table with 5 ¼'' corner pockets. For proof we have a notarized affidavit containing the signatures of over 35 eyewitnesses.

And that is the inspiration for Predator's Limited Edition Willie 526 Series , "designed in homage to the Titleist pool cues wielded by Willie and the greats of a bygone era."

The Reason

Mosconi's name is connected with pool and billiards much like Babe Ruth's is with baseball. It might be more accurate, though, to call him the Fred Astaire of pool because of his precision and grace at the table. It has been said of him that no one had more grace or finesse. That's probably why he still holds the record . . . . 64 years later.

Predator says it best: 

"The number 526 is forever enshrined in billiards lore, but 526 represents far more than Mosconi's high run in 1954. It embodies a commitment to the elevation of the game." 

Predator upholds that commitment with a pool cue and pool cue shaft that is both functionally advanced and esthetically pleasing, uniquely combining precision, accuracy, grace, and beauty.

The Cue

The Limited Edition Willie 526 series is available in several color schemes and configurations, including the LE Willie-1 through the LE Willie-5. Each cue can be paired with your choice of either the  Predator 314-3 or the Z-3 shaft. These are Predator's world-renowned, third-generation, low-deflection shafts backed by innovation and extensive research.

Consider, for example, the Predator Limited Edition Willie Mosconi 526 5 Cue. With a natural Birdseye Maple forearm, this cue sports four "Ebony True Splice points with red, black, and blue veneers." Each forearm point has at its base two Micarta flower and oval inlays. The Ebony butt sleeve also has flower- and oval-inlay designs. To complete the custom look and enhance the graceful feel, there is blue, red, and black custom Micarta ring work, a black Irish linen wrap, and a Uni-Loc Radial joint.

The Opportunity

No, we can't go back in time, but sometimes a little of the past can be brought into the present. Now, thanks to Predator and FCI Billiards, you can figuratively rub shoulders with the likes of Willie Mosconi. Functional grace, accurate esthetics, a chance to connect with past greats and their accomplishments on the table – that's what you get with the LE Willie 526. But there are only 250 of each cue produced – so supply is indeed limited. Get yours today! Give us a call at (800) 666-9190 or just fill out the easy online form.

Apr 19th 2018

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