Unicorn XL Aluminum Shafts - D78235

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Replace or upgrade missing or low-quality dart shafts with the Unicorn 3 XL Aluminum Shafts set. Unicorn, the world-leading darting brand, offers a set of (3) precision aluminum alloy dart shafts. These durable shafts are flexible allowing them to last longer without breaking. The aluminum shaft pairs with all barrel and flight designs. Upgrade your darting equipment with Unicorn – the world-wide leader in darting.

  • Upgrade your darting equipment with these XL aluminum shafts
  • High-quality shafts crafted from the world-leading darting brand Unicorn
  • Set includes (3) precision aluminum alloy dart shafts
  • Aluminum shaft pairs well with all barrels and flights
  • These durable shafts will last longer without breaking
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Additional Information

Shaft Material:
Aluminum XL (3)
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