Kamui Sai Control Break Pool Cue Tip

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Harmonize The Power - Combining the high elasticity of leather’s fiber structure with the high repulsion characteristics of resin, Kamui has created a break tip with excellent control. The new laminated structure tunes power and spin, smashing the traditional standard of break tips. With the advent of high-performance break cues and plastic break tips, the power transmission of breaks has been continuing to improve in the recent years. At the same time; however, there has been a tendency for the control of the landing point of the cue ball to become more difficult due to the excessive power. Kamui has developed a break tip that does not miss the power of the break and has excellent spin control, without compromising on any of the following: “chalkiness,” “grip,” “wide cue point range,” and “high elasticity”. The “CONTROL BREAK SAI” has been constructed using a new manufacturing process that combines pigskin and resin in order to achieve a hardness that overturns the common wisdom of leather tips and offers an excellent spin control performance.

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1 Review

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    Kamui Sai break tip

    I've been a pool player for 30 years now, competitive! I have played and broke with many different types of tips. I've got to say the Kamui Sai break tip is the real deal! Not only do you get speed and power but you have the ability to put english on the cue ball during your break! The first time breaking with this tip I pocketed 3 balls. I'm averaging 3 to 4 balls every break now. If you need to improve your break you need to invest in the Kamui Sai !

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