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  • Kamui Kageki Chalk - Grey - Chalk
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Billiards has evolved tremendously the last few years, however chalk hasn’t necessarily followed the same path. People will use a jump cue for jumps, different tips for different styles of play but nobody has ever thought about using one type of chalk just for the extreme shots and that is exactly what Kageki is. This is not your every day chalk, not your every shot chalk. This is a weapon you pull out of your cue case when you have a close hit, a masse, a jump or an extreme shot to make and you simply can’t afford to miscue! This chalk is very "grippy" and spreads beautifully on the tip. The goal with Kageki is simply for people to carry it as a secret weapon that will boost confidence and help get that extra spin when in counts!

Kamui Kageki Radical Pool and Billiard Chalk
▲  Radical Chalk for Extreme Shots
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