Cuetec Avid Proof - 95-326 Leather Wrap

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  • Cuetec Avid Proof - 95-326 Leather Wrap - Detail
  • Cuetec Avid Proof - 95-326 Leather Wrap - Forearm
  • Cuetec Avid Proof - 95-326 Leather Wrap - Forearm Detail
  • Cuetec Avid Proof - 95-326 Leather Wrap - Full
  • Cuetec Avid Proof - 95-326 Leather Wrap - Butt Detail
  • Cuetec Avid Proof - 95-326 Leather Wrap - DUO Gen II Extension Compatible
  • Cuetec Avid Proof - 95-326 Leather Wrap - Cuetec Acueweight Kit Compatible
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Skyler Woodward’s new AVID Proof series cues are just that, proof. Proof that competitive players can not only perform, but excel at the game’s highest level without being born with a silver-spoon in their mouths. Utilizing AVID’s advanced glass-bonded technology and featuring a design inspired by the blue grass instruments and rich oak casks of the distilleries that call Kentucky home, every AVID Proof cue arrives with the accuracy, power, and control needed to remind the game’s big spenders that they might have been better off saving for a rainy day – or to pay off for the next set.

AVID 12.75mm 12.25mm or 11.75mm Low-Deflection Shaft - Super Straight Taper AVID Shaft - Tiger Everest Medium Density Laminated Tip - Kiln dried vacuum-sealed Canadian Maple - Black With Whisky Stained Maple and Creme Accents - 5 Point Forearm and 5 Window Butt Sleeve - Leather Wrap - Duo Smart Extension Ready Bumper - Acueweight generation II adjustment system compatible - CT logo joint protectors

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Warranty Information

To activate the Cuetec warranty, register your cue on our Cuetec’s website within 60 days of purchase. The limited lifetime warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the cue and is not transferable. The cue must be purchased through an authorized Cuetec dealer. Warranty claims start with the dealer where the cue was purchased. In the unlikely event you discover a flaw in your cue, do not attempt to repair it. The dealer will contact Cuetec for a resolution. Cuetec reserves the right to repair or replace the cue at their discretion. Cuetec Cues are warranted to be free from material and manufacturing defects. The warranty covers all manufacturer and material defects including warpage. True Cuetec Cue straightness is determined by sighting the cue as opposed to rolling it on a pool table. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear items like, but not limited to, tips, ferrules, rubber bumpers, finish, and wraps or grips. The warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, or mishandling of the cue. It is void if the cue is modified or if improper maintenance is performed.
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Additional Information

Cue Type:
Playing Cue
Leather Wrap
Tip Material:
Standard Shaft:
AVID Low Deflection Shaft
Standard Tip:
12.75mm, 12.25mm or 11.75mm
Tiger Everest ten layer Pigskin tip
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