The Parts of a Pool Cue

The Parts of a Pool Cue
Pool cues are essential to billiards. Knowing everything about pool cue anatomy can give players an edge in the game. There are two main parts of a pool cue — the shaft and the butt. These combine to form a fully assembled pool cue, but the shaft and butt are composed of other pool cue parts.

In this guide, we'll go over the complete anatomy of a pool cue to help you understand what makes up this crucial tool.
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Pool Cue Shaft

The pool cue shaft is the slimmer top portion of the stick, typically made from maple wood or carbon fiber. Arguably, the shaft is the most vital piece of equipment because of its influence on every shot a player takes. In addition to the tip connecting with the cue ball, the player uses the pool cue shaft to maintain stability by resting it on their bridge hand.

Pool Cue Parts Diagram

The shaft can be further dissected into the following cue stick parts:

Pool Cue Tip

The pool cue tip strikes the ball, making it incredibly important to your game. Pool cue tips can be soft or hard, depending on your personal preference. Average tip sizes go from 11mm all the way up to 14mm.

Pool Cue Ferrule

The pool cue ferrule is the (usually white) part that sits directly below the tip. Essentially, the ferrule is the backbone of the pool cue tip, reducing vibration when striking the ball.


With a matching counterpart on the butt, the ring is there to reinforce the joint where these two main pool cue parts meet.


Attached to the ring is the collar, which strengthens the connecting pin of the joint to ensure that the power from the butt appropriately transfers to the pool cue shaft when you take a shot.


Sitting at the bottom of the shaft is the joint, which connects it to the butt. The joint might be made of metal, wood or another material, and it may have a cap attached to protect it from damage.

Pool Cue Butt

The butt is the thicker bottom part of the assembled pool cue. While some may consider it the less important of the two main parts of a pool cue, the butt is where your shot power comes from — you grip it with your dominant hand and use the proper amount of force to hit the cue ball.

The other pool cue parts that make up the butt, some of which are only there for aesthetic reasons, include:


Positioned at the top of the butt is the (usually metal) pin, which connects directly to the pool cue shaft.


The ring on the butt serves the exact same purpose as the one on the shaft — to reinforce the joint.


Again, this collar, which is typically under the pin, serves the same function as the one on the shaft — to transfer energy.


Aside from adding length to the stick, the forearm is purely aesthetic. Many feature a design to suit the player's preference.

Pool Cue Inlays

Pool cue inlays also serve an aesthetic purpose, and they come in a wide variety of materials that often differ from those used in the rest of the cue. Exotic pool cue inlays made of precious metals or high-end wood can increase the price of the stick.

Pool Cue Wrap

While there is a style component to the pool cue wrap, it also has a functional purpose, allowing the player to grip the stick better. The pool cue wrap also absorbs sweat that may form on the hands during an intense game. Wraps are typically made of leather or linen.

Butt Sleeve

The butt sleeve sits below the wrap and provides balance to the stick overall. It's usually made from the same material (and has the same look) as the forearm.


Typically made of rubber, the bumper sits at the bottom of the butt to prevent scuffs and other damage.

Why Understanding Pool Cue Anatomy Can Up Your Game

All parts of a pool cue come together and impact every shot you take. The specific weight of each component affects the overall balance — and that weight distribution, in turn, affects how you need to stabilize your hands to get the correct power to sink your shots. The anatomy of a pool cue isn't complex, but being aware of these parts is crucial to your game — and to knowing if something needs to be repaired.

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