Predator Shafts

Predator Shafts

Dominate the Pool Table With Predator Cue Shafts

When you're traveling for billiards competitions, or even if you're just stopping by your local pool hall for a game, it's important to keep your pool stick in a secure pool cue travel case that protects it from getting damaged. Pool sticks are very long, and if you continue to travel without a case, it can become inconvenient over time and come across unprofessional every time you visit a bar. In fact, having a slick case for your gear shows competitors that you're the real deal and that you're not walking away from the pool table without a win. 

High-Quality Predator Cue Shafts for Sale

As a leading brand for all things billiards, Predator's product line of cutting-edge cue shafts is unmatched. These shafts offer benefits ranging from low-rise tapers to having a sturdy build for less deflection and more spin. Additionally, FCI Billiards' selection of Predator pool cue shafts come with the option to add a tip from an assortment of options. Some of the shafts that we carry include:

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